Finally feel like I am on leave!

Walking with Emiliano to Central Square for lunch today was so lovely. Got several errands done, saw lots of people of all stripes, the weather was great…so nice!! Not being behind the desk and cooped up at Wellesley made me very happy. Classes have started and I’m not thinking about transfer credit too much. It is a luxury to get paid to learn some new tricks and to think about making new work.

New things I’m learning…the latest version of Image Print, a RIP for the printer. I can add some text, but of course, it won’t do the thing I want it to do easily. Oh, well. I’ll figure it out. At least I think I can make a template for positioning the image and text so I won’t have to do that 40 times as I print an exhibit.

BACKYARD: 2002 – 2009
I printed a number of images for a faculty exhibit at Wellesley in the Jewett Art Gallery.  Still prefer the gelatin prints for b/w, but was able to get decent prints fairly quickly. And I can reprint very easily!

Got some good hints about scanning 4×5 negs from Steve Milanowski. We visited Steve and Peg and kids at Lake George.


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