More Emiliano

A quick post…a busy day…knee exercises, Milo visit, pick-up Cadie and Malcolm, decide on work for exhibit. The darkroom is working nicely with only a few more fixes to make it just right again. The small backlog of film is developed. Next project will be to organize the digital office so that I can find things. Two projects for Wellesley also need to be done before the beginning of the year…an exhibit of photos organized by Sealing Cheng and the mural for the sports center that my students produced last year. Better late than never!

One Response to “More Emiliano”
  1. GG Merkel says:

    Hello Judith,My name is GG Merkel and this fall I am going to be a Freshman at Wellesley. Are there any food photography courses available at Wellesley? I photograph for my blog, which consists of my restaurant adventures around NYC, but I currently work for a food website called the Nibble, where I photograph commercial food products either in their packaging, or by preparing them and setting them up for a photo. Food photography is something I would like to continue at Wellesley, but I am unsure how to start. Please email me at and I would appreciate if you could take a look at my blog. 🙂 Thank you GG

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